Tuesday, August 31

UKIP's darkest secrets

Article by Richard Corbett MEP on UKIP's darkest secrets - this version written before the June 2004 elections but soon to be updated and expanded.


Anonymous said...

Good article: some fairly strong evidence to suggest that UKIP are indeed a bunch of nutters!

Anonymous said...

How about digging up the Communist backgrounds of some of Labour's leaders, Corbett? Or publicy condemning the majority of racist attacks in Britain which are against whites?

Why are you so worried about the UKIP anyway, when your own party goes to war on other countries for no reason?

How about condemning the Mandela statue for Trafalgar Square in the light of his Communist beliefs, his terrorist background, and his 'concern' for the wellbeing of the Lockerbie bombers?

And how can you possibly condone the outlawing of Vlaams Blok (the biggest single pary in the region) and pretend to support democracy?

And how much does a 'socialist' like you make these days as a Euro MP? About 30 pieces of silver I'd guess.

You scumbag Marxist shite.