Thursday, September 23

Kilroy-Silk challenges travellers

Robert Kilroy-Silk has confronted travellers who sawed through a fence and occupied a cricket pitch.The East Midlands MEP walked on to the land off Sandhurst Road, Bulwell, followed by a camera crew making a film about him.

The ex-TV presenter, who was sacked by the BBC after making controversial comments in a newspaper column, spoke to them about the damage they had caused to the field.

He said: ''Nobody should be allowed to do this, and the law needs to change to protect the local community."Up to 15 caravans plus cars and vans arrived at the playing field last Thursday, churning up turf just laid thanks to a £40,000 grant from the city council.

Women the MEP spoke to said they were sorry and the mess was embarrassing. One, called Mary-Joyce, said: "We wouldn't be here if a site was provided for us."

Fellow MEP Phillip Whitehead was not impressed with Mr Kilroy-Silk's stunt. He said: "I assume his actions have less to do with his minimal attendance as an MEP and more to do with his ambition to leave us for Westminster."


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