Monday, October 11

25 things you didn't know about UKIP

Press release from Richard Corbett MEP and Britain in Europe:

Corbett and BE expose UKIP’s darkest secrets

Pro-European campaign group Britain in Europe has published a comprehensive report, entitled 25 things you didn’t know when you voted for UKIP.

Written by Richard Corbett, an expert on the European Parliament and an MEP in Yorkshire, the document is to be launched tomorrow at a press conference in Brussels. It is already available in the UK.

The cornerstone of Corbett’s report is an analysis of current and recent links between UKIP and other extreme-right groups, including the BNP, the National Front and the New Britain Party.

But the document also highlights UKIP’s pronouncements on subjects ranging from immigration (“bleating blacks and Asians… why don’t they stop whining and get a life?”), to women’s rights (“No self-respecting businessman with a brain in the right place would ever employ a lady of child-bearing age”), to terrorism (the UK's position in the EU is analogous to Chechnya's position in Russia), to gay rights (“I don’t want to campaign around gays… I don’t think they do a lot for society”).

And it investigates the dubious histories of many of UKIP’s leading activists, as well as the appalling record of UKIP’s MEPs in the European Parliament.

Richard Corbett said:

“It’s been common knowledge for months that there’s more motivating the UK Independence Party than they are prepared to admit. But this is the first time that a single document has brought together strands of evidence from dozens of sources, each carefully referenced and double-checked.

“The views expressed by UKIP’s representatives range from the sickening, to the risible, to the downright bizarre. This report exposes them for what they truly are.”

Full document here: 25 things you didn't know about UKIP


Nosemonkey said...

Good work - an interesting pamphlet, well put together, and quite possibly necessary.

My only concern is that this is coming from an elected representative of another political party. The supporters of UKIP may simply dismiss it as Labour propaganda.

When are pro-Europeans going to find their own Paul Sykes to help fund this sort of material? And when is the government finally going to start putting the case for the EU to the British people rather than engaging in petty squabbles?

People vote for UKIP out of a dislike for the EU, not their detailed policies - if they are convinced of the benefits of the EU, they'll stop voting for them, and this kind of thing will no longer be necessary.

Anonymous said...

We're obviously frightening the poor little man. This is the best he can come up with? A man who costs the taxpayer 1 million pounds a year plus and produces nothing but hot air has obviously nowt better to do than blow raspberries at the only honest party in the country. LOL! Too bad he has no pro EU arguments to discuss in live debate. But then he'd lose so it is so much easier to call people names.

Anonymous said...

anybody that supports the united kingdom being run by the EU is a traitor.