Monday, October 18

Bloom faces harrassment claim

Bloom has officially failed to redeem himself as a non-sexist member of the European Parliament's Women's Commitee.

After inviting a group of female students from Cambridge University last month, he is now facing accusations of sexual harrassment from one of the group.

In a formal letter of complaint written to the President of the Parliament, Rebecca Bowtell claims she witnessed the MEP "sexually harassing a number of women, and making a constant stream of sexist and misogynistic remarks."

In her letter, Ms Bowtell, claims that Mr Bloom turned to a colleague and said: 'Isn't she the most delicious bimbette? Absolutely thick, but good tits'.

Mr Bloom has strongly denied any allegations that he touched the Ms Bowtell's leg telling the Independent: "I was not sitting at her table. My wife was at the dinner, there was no impropriety. The whole thing is complete and total nonsense. It has been concocted. She is following a political agenda. It was a grotesque abuse of hospitality."

He believes that Ms Bowtell has political motivations. He said, 'I think there is a political motive here. She is from Robinson College women's union - which explains everything. I am relatively new to politics and not used to this sort of thing.

As well as feeling intimidated by Mr Bloom's comments, Ms Bowtell is also shocked that he used EU funding to subsidise a visitors group not from his own constituency. She wrote in her letter: "As none of us are actually Mr Bloom's constituents, my first complaint against him is that he is misusing EU funds to further his own ends, in this instance a PR exercise involving the Cambridge University Women's Rugby Team."

Ms Bowtell is seriously considering reporting Mr Bloom to the Belgian Police.

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