Monday, October 4

Hartlepool By-Election: UKIP Push Tories into 4th Place

The turnout was 46% in the Hartleppol by-election on Thursday 30th September and UKIP celebrated as they came 3rd place, with 149 more votes than the Tories. In a press release, UKIP said the result was a "severe embarrassment for leader Michael Howard..."

UKIP leader, Roger Knapman said: "Tonight means that we approach the General Election with some confidence.

“And I very much hope and believe we can go on to win seats next year when a General Election is called ...

“We beat the Liberal Democrats in the European elections. We beat the Conservatives tonight. We are on our way.”

The Hartlepool results in full:

Iain Wright (Labour) 12,752 (40.66%, -18.49%)
Jody Dunn (Liberal Democrat) 10,719 (34.18%, +19.15%)
Stephen Allison (Ukip) 3,193 (10.18%)
Jeremy Middleton (Conservative) 3,044 (9.71%, -11.15%)
John Bloom (Respect) 572 (1.82%)
Iris Ryder (Green) 255 (0.81%)
James Starkey (National Front) 246 (0.78%)
Paul Watson (Fathers 4 Justice) 139 (0.44%)
Christopher Herriot (Socialist Labour) 95 (0.30%, -2.09%)
Richard Rodgers (The Common Good) 91 (0.29%)
Philip Berriman (Independent) 90 (0.29%)
Alan 'Howling Laud' Hope (Official Monster Raving Loony) 80 (0.26%)
Ronnie Carroll (Independent) 45 (0.14%)
Edward Abrams (English Democrats) 41 (0.13%)

Laour majority 2,033 (6.48%)
18.82% swing Lab to LD
Electorate 68,517; turnout 31,362 (45.77%, -10.47%)


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