Tuesday, October 5

'Kilroy for PM' Poll Scrapped

An online poll asking readers to vote for the best candidate for Prime Minister has been scrapped - after Robert Kilroy-Silk came top.

The Bruges Group, a Euro-sceptic think-tank, organised the ballot but withdrew the results from its website saying they had been "sabotaged".

One computer had voted for UKIP MEP Kilroy-Silk more than 1,400 times pushing Tony Blair into second place, said the group's director Robert Oulds.

Before the results were scrapped, a UKIP spokesman said that Kilroy-Silk had 1521 votes, Blair 691, UKIP leader Roger Knapman 284, Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy 242, Conservative leader Michael Howard 119, and Chancellor Gordon Brown 92.

Mr Oulds said the poll was put on their website late on Friday, adding: "This happens all the time with internet polls."

He said they "run the risk of somebody sabotaging them - just a shame, it ruins it for everyone else".

Mr Kilroy-Silk stated he had no knowledge who might have been behind the alleged internet "sabotage".

He added: "It may well be that one person has masqueraded as a thousand. If they did, if they were doing it as a bit of mischief, they should have been supporting the party leader."

Source: http://icliverpool.icnetwork.co.uk/0100news/budget/page.cfm?objectid=14692601&method=full&siteid=50061

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