Wednesday, October 6

Kilroy-Silk told to "toe the party line"

UKIP leader, Roger Knapman, has warned Kilroy-Silk to "toe the party line" and become a "team-player" or face disciplinary action.

Knapman confirmed in an interview on BBC Radio 4 that there was never a deal that Kilroy-Silk would replace him after the June elections. "Does he want a UK independence party based on politics or a Kilroy-Silk party based on showbiz?

"I'd like to make it perfectly clear, despite what was said, at no stage did I ever enter into any conversation, let alone discussion with Robert about handing over leadership of the party. Therefore there is no agreement, and therefore no agreement which I could renege upon.

"The party leadership was determined by one person, one vote, so there would be no straight hand over, " he said."If I was to resign, then quite frankly other people would put their hats in and quite frankly I wonder at Robert's age why he wants to do it because I think the vast majority would go for somebody like Nigel Farage, the next generation."

He added: "It is one thing to be ambitious. He must start to think about being a team player. I think Robert is beginning to understand that politics is a bit more serious a business than he might have been engaged in for a while."

"But he must understand that we can't forever tolerate people who cannot toe the party line. We have disciplinary procedures - it is not a question of that as yet.

"He wants to be party leader apparently. I think he will soon grasp the understanding that there is no question of that happening, but if he waits for two years and has a good record in the eyes of the party membership as a loyal member of the team, then he stands a chance of being made leader."

Sources: Gallery News, Tuesday 5th October 2004,

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