Tuesday, October 5

Mandelson 1 - 0 Farage

Farage failed to upset Mandelson duing his Commissioner's hearing yesterday.

Farage, who had promised to "be there in force at the hearings" and to put Mandelson under a lot of scrutiny asked the former MP for Hartlepool whether swearing the Commissioner's oath to further EU common interests alone was a contravention of his oath of loyalty tothe Queen as a British Privy Counsellor. Mr Mandelson responded with a clear "no." He said: "I reject completely the idea that one cannot serve Britain by pursuing the interests of Europe as a whole. There is no contradiction between the two."

Mandelson didn't even get angry when Farage requested he came to the UK and campaign for a Yes vote for the European constitution, saying it would help UKIP's cause.

Mr Mandelson said he would indeed be campaigning for a Yes vote and, he retaliated to the Eurosceptic MEP by pointing out the word sceptic actually means "open to persuasion".

Sources: Sunday Express, August 15th 2004, http://www.europarl.ep.ec/press/audicom2004/resume/041001_mandelson_EN.pdf

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