Friday, October 29

Mote confused about Corruption?

Dismissed UKIP MEP, Ashley Mote, released a press release on 21st October entitled "MEP says Britain should stop paying Brussels £12 billion/year until fraud eliminated."

Mote served documents on Robert Wardle, director of the Serious Fraud Office, inviting him to investigate the persistent and massive misuse of British taxpayers’ money.

The documents include include allegations such as the lack of financial control within the EU, saying some 95 percent of EU funds are not properly accounted for, and there has been no audit of the EU’s treasury for the last 14 years.

Why then did Mote sign into the Budget Committee on Monday 25th October, but fail to stay? The Committee was discussing irregular payments under the CAP and the procedure for future appointments of the OLAF Supervisory Committee.

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