Wednesday, October 20

UKIP Leadership Challenge - is it finally over?

Kilroy-Silk has finally been told to join the team or go it alone.

The results of Knapman's phone poll of party chairmen clearly shows that they are happy with the current leader. 75% of the 235 chairmen polled support Knapman, compared to 12% who are in favour of a change.

Knapman told BBC Radio 4's Today Programme, "We are asking him to make up his mind either to support the party or plough a single furrow."

He said he wanted Mr Kilroy-Silk 'back in the fold - but as a team player'.

" Team players must cease attacks on their own party on this daily basis. I very much hope Robert will come back into the fold because if he continues to cause problems for the party then it dispirits our thousands of activists who really are very very, motivated."

However, Kilroy-Silk is determined not to give up. He told BBC radio today that he would become a team player. " The problem is there is no team. There was not a single spokesman on a single subject." I am trying to create a serious political party. It is not about the leadership, it is about what kind of party we want. I want the party to be in fighting-fit form at the next General Election."

He said that to keep quiet would be to let down the British people.

" I would actually be perpetuating a fraud. You are asking me to keep quiet about what I know to be extremely important and serious defects in the party. And that would be a fraud on the British electorate and I am not prepared to be a party to that deception."

He denied he was now out in the cold.

" It does not feel very cold where I am. I feel in the heat of the kitchen and you know what - I am not getting out."

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