Wednesday, October 13

UKIP - No Connections with the BNP?

The UK Independence Party held its AGM this weekend, and following its success in the European elections the leadership is determined to show what a thoroughly sane and respectable bunch they now are - even if the the presence of Robert Kilroy-Solk would seem to suggest otherwise.

As the UKIP website boasts: "In order to protect the party from infiltration by extremists... all prospective parliamentary candidates and constituency office bearers must sign declarations confirming that they have no criminal record, no record of serious mental illness and no previous association with extremist political groups of right or left."

No doubt this will come as surprise to Martyn Heale, charman of the fast-growing UKIP branch in South Thanet. Heale, a sometime prison officer at Wormwood Scrubs, was previously a branch organiser and council candidate for the National Front.

Source: Private Eye, Number 1116, 1 - 14 October 2004

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Richard Corbett MEP said...

It will also come as a surprise to the literally scores of UKIP members and candidates who have previously been members of the BNP and other groups, or who still maintain them today. (Britain in Europe's report on these is linked from the front page of my website at .)