Friday, October 8

UKIP - Not A Proper Party?

UKIP are not a proper party in Wales, as is proved in the Electoral Commission's publication: 'The National Assembly for Wales Election 2003 - Campaign Spending'. Instead of running a proper, funded local campaign in every seat, they opt for high visibility advertising.

"The United Kingdom Independence Party reported having spent £33,779 on election materials, more than either Plaid Cymru or the Conservatives. While they incurred significant expenditure of£6,162 and £5,124 on producing party broadcasts and overheads respectively, UKIP's expenditure appears to have been mainly concentrated in two areas - election materials and advertising - on which they reported having spent £23,182, more than any other party that contested the election."

"UKIP reported a high level of campaign expenditure. Constituency candidates representing the party however reported relatively low levels of expenditure. The 19 UKIP candidates who submitted election expenditure returns reported total expenditure of£11,209 - an average of £509 per candidate. Where party expenditure is higher but the expenditure levels of the party's candidates are comparatively low, this could reflect a more centralised or generic campaign strategy."

Another notable aspect of UKIP's expenditure was the £90 it spent onits manifesto. (This compares with £11,215 spent by theConservatives). By comparison, UKIP spent £33,779 on unsolicited materials to electors. This demonstrates their complete arrogance with regard to policy development and the democratic process with regard to the Welsh Assembly.

It is also noteworthy that Elizabeth Phillips UKIP's candidate in Brecon & Radnorshire was one of only four candidates not to submit returns as to election expenses. (The others were 2 Independents and one Tory in the Rhondda). Failure to submit expenses is an illegal act.

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