Friday, October 29

You're all Barmy!

Kilroy-Silk withdrew from the UKIP whip in the European Parliament on Wednesday (27th October).

The decision means that he will be under no obligation to vote with, or work in general with, other members of the party in the Parliament. He will retain his office in the European Parliament but will sit with the independent non-aligned MEPs in the Chamber.

He refused to take part in the usual daily meeting of UKIP MEPs in Strasbourg this week and announced his decision to withdraw from the whip to the press, without consulting with his colleagues.

Kilroy-Silk said, "I am relieved and happy to leave a group which engaged in barmy politics."

Leader, Roger Knapman, was keen to point out that Kilroy-Silk jumped and was not pushed from the party. Knapman said, "He did have talents, particularly in the promotion of the party and of himself. But he has caused us a lot of negative coverage."


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