Monday, November 29

UKIP faces chaos under Kilroy - leader

Uk Independence Party leader Roger Knapman last night warned that the anti-EU party would descend into chaos if the former television presenter Robert Kilroy-Silk succeeded in his latest leadership bid.

Mr Knapman, one of the UKIP's two Euro-MPs in the South West, warned that senior figures in the party could not work with Mr Kilroy-Silk, whose supporters say he is close to pulling together the backing needed to trigger a leadership contest.

He suggested that a win for Mr Kilroy-Silk would provoke a constitutional crisis for the party as fellow MEPs would refuse to serve under him.

He added: "Some very hard things have been said and it has come to the stage where I and most of my fellow MEPs could not, under any circumstances, work with him again. In that respect the stakes are now rising dramatically."

Mr Kilroy-Silk was one of 12 UKIP members elected in the party's stunning breakthrough in June's European Parliament elections. But he quickly fell out with colleagues after repeatedly making it plain that he believed he should be leader.

Last month, Mr Kilroy-Silk withdrew from the party whip in the European Parliament. Since then he has taken part in a series of meetings with UKIP members across the country in a bid to drum up the support to trigger a leadership challenge.

Under UKIP's constitution, an emergency general meeting can be called if it is demanded by one-fifth of the party's 223 constituency chairmen. An aide to Mr Kilroy-Silk told the WMN that he now had the support of more than 50 local party chairmen.

But a letter has not yet been received by the party's ruling committee. Mr Knapman said it remained far from clear whether Mr Kilroy-Silk had the support needed.

Source: Western Morning News, Plymouth, November 27th 2004

Thursday, November 25

Not there again...

This week in the Committee on Budgetary Control, 5 Commissioners with the biggest responsibilities were questioned and an exchange of views was held on the 2003 Discharge, including the ECA Annual Report 2003.

On Monday, at the hearing with the Commissioners for Administrative Affairs, Audit and Anti-Fraud and for Financial Programming and Budget, Titford signed in, stayed for a short time, but left before the debate with the commissioners. Mote stayed and made his usual accusations, but left within the first hour when the Commissioner for Agriculture was being cross-examined.

Neither MEP was present for the hearings with the Commissioner for Regional Policy and the Commissioner for Employment and Social Affairs.

In other words, 5 Commissioners were cross-examined on the accounts and UKIP didn't bother to stay and listen.

Source: Anonymous

And it goes on.....

UKIP is again facing a new leadership challenge. After Knapman's poll of constituency chairs, we thought it was all over, but apparently it isn't.

Since resigning from the UKIP whip in the European Parliament, Kilroy-Silk has spent his time touring 10 local branches. To begin the process of ousting Roger Knapman as party leader, branches can call a local meeting at which they pass a vote calling for a leadership contest.

According to Kilroy-Silk's aide, Tony Bennett, 12 branch chairman have already passed such a motion and more are in the process of doing so. They need 47 - the number required by the party's constitution before an emergency general meeting can be held.

Tony Stone, the UKIP party secretary, said, however, that he had not received a single valid letter on the subject from the branch chairman.

London Assembly member Damien Hockney, chairman of UKIP's Kensington and Chelsea branch, said today: "I believe a leadership contest is now inevitable. I will work with anyone who is elected, but I will be voting for Mr Kilroy-Silk."

Nigel Farage said that the move would inflict huge damage on the UKIP's general election chances: "It is the last thing we need. Even if they succeeded in getting a general EGM, members would vote overwhelmingly against Mr Kilroy-Silk, who has behaved appallingly."

However, Knapman is ever positive saying, "It's just a regular group from London trying to cause problems for the party."


Tuesday, November 23

UKIP aren't voting

There is clear evidence to suggest that UKIP are not fulfilling their role in the European Parliament.

To date, none of the current 10 UKIP MEPs, nor the 2 former UKIP MEPs, have voted on a report in committee.

Isn't it funny that UKIP set out to destroy the European Parliament, a legislative body, yet fail to contribute to the legislative process?

Source: European Parliament website

Kilroy says: I haven't read the boring EU constitution

TV personality and MEP Robert Kilroy-Silk may be fighting the proposed European constitution, but he has admitted not reading the entire document.

Europe's future may hinge on the constitution, but, in an exclusive interview [with the Yorkshire Post], Mr Kilroy-Silk said he had more important things to do than spend his time reading about such a "boring subject".

Full story here.

See also: for more information on the Constitution and Referenda

Nattrass: Tibet and the UK have a lot in common

During the debate on breaches of human rights in Strasbourg last week, Michael Nattrass likened the situation in Tibet to that of the UK in the EU.

However, he failed to stay for the vote at the end of the debate.

Source: Anonymous

Friday, November 19

Football Hooligans represented in Parliament

Following Farage's outrageous outbursts in the European Parliament this week, all the political group leaders attacked him.

Graham Watson, leader of the Liberal Group, said: "I am sometimes ashamed of Britain's reputation across Europe for its football hooligans. I fear we now have their representatives here in Parliament."

Source: European Parliament website

Tuesday, November 16

Official: Kilroy-Silk no longer a member of UKIP

On Monday 15th November, the Independence and Democracy group informed the President of the Parliament that Kilroy-Silk is no longer a member of the group and had become a non-attached member.

Source: European Parliament website

Kilroy urges revolution within Ukip

Robert Kilroy Silk said his battle for the leadership of the UK Independence Party was "not over yet", claiming he had signed up enough branches to force an election at a time of his choosing.
And he said he would stand as an MP in the upcoming general election, whether for Ukip or a new party.

The East Midlands MEP last month resigned the Ukip whip in the European Parliament amid a furious row over his bid for the leadership.

He said it was time for grassroots members to mount a "revolution" to seize power from the current leadership, who he dismissed as a "small cabal". If he was leader, he would get rid of a racist element that existed within the party, he said.

In an interview to be broadcast tomorrow on Channel 4's Morgan and Platell programme, the former chat show host insisted he had no regrets about saying he would "kill" the Tories or over the controversial remarks about Arabs which got him the sack from the BBC.

He also said that he had turned down the offer both of a knighthood and a peerage.
Asked about his efforts to unseat Ukip leader Roger Knapman, Mr Kilroy Silk said: "It isn't over yet. Believe me, it isn't over.

"I'm going round the country, we have people organising the branches, we already have far more branches than are necessary to force an election signed up. But we want more, and we want to choose our time. The members have to have a revolution in which they take control of the party."

He insisted his campaign for the leadership was not driven by egotism: "I honestly don't want the title. I was offered a knighthood and a peerage and I've turned (them down). The only thing I ever wanted was to have the letters MP after my name."

Asked whether he would stand for Parliament in the election expected next spring, he replied: "At the moment that is my plan, yes." But he acknowledged he did not know whether he would be standing as a Ukip candidate, saying only: "That's another matter."

Source: Birmingham Post, November 13th 2004

'Mischief-making' UKIP rebel hits leadership close to home

Ukip rebel Robert Kilroy-Silk visited the Westcountry over the weekend to throw down the gauntlet to party leader Roger Knapman in his own backyard. Speaking to around 100 people at Lakeview Country Club in Bodmin on Saturday, the East Midlands MEP and former television chat show host said it was disgraceful that, five months after UKIP dealt a telling blow to established parties in the local elections, Mr Knapman, of West Devon, had failed to come up with clear policies.

He said: "I have been invited here to speak to UKIP members by UKIP members themselves. We don't have any policies for the General Election a few months away, and I think it is negligence on the part of the leadership. There has to be a revolution from the bottom up. If the leader won't lead, then let someone else take charge." But Sue Palfrey, manager of UKIP's South West office, said Mr Kilroy-Silk had little support among party members.

She said: "There are policies. We have a 2001 manifesto and there is a new manifesto being prepared as we speak."Mr Kilroy-Silk has only been in the party a few minutes and he is just mischief-making. We are fully behind Mr Knapman and the sooner all this bickering stops the better."

Source: Western Morning News, 15 November 2004

Thursday, November 11

Bloomers ready to quit shock

FIRST the United Kingdom Independence Party loses the services of that most lucid statesman Robert Kilroy-Silk.

Now comes the devastating news that another highly sophisticated political operator may soon step down.

Godfrey Bloom UKIP's Yorkshire MEP who enraged feminists everywhere with his quips about how women should clean behind the fridge has told the Diary he has no intention of remaining a politician for long. "I never intended to ever stand more than once " he said. "I've been told never say never in politics. But I do have a real job."

One reason may be the cost. The financial broker who lives near Selby told the Evening Press back in June that he couldn't live on an MEP's £57 000 salary. Now he has revealed that his election campaign cost him £30 000.

Not the £2 billion spent by John Kerry and George Bush in America certainly. But a fair sum nonetheless.

"If you cannot write some big cheques you don't have a prayer which means that the system always throws up the same people.

"Why else is it that all politicians are white male middle class?" says Bloomers the well-known young black lesbian.


UKIP man has a new theory

Steve Reed (Chairman, UKIP Wells and Weston-super-Mare branch) wrote: "I place `renewable resources' in parenthesis [sic], because the resources meant are not renewable, whereas fossil-fuels are. … Fossil-fuels are constantly being produced on the tectonic conveyor-belt. This is not just academic nit-picking: these processes are generally very slow, but oil-wells do refill".

Steve Reed also revealed: "Taking energy from winds and tides irreversibly enervates the weather system and slows the rotation of the Earth".

Yorkshire Post, August 5th 2004

Wednesday, November 3

Knapman on the Constitution

"The very name of our party gives a clue to our objections to the European constitution: it would erode our independence by supplanting our own constitution.

The origins of the British constitution stretch back a thousand years and the result has been honed by years of debate and adaptation to changing circumstances.

It is not perfect - nothing abstract contrived by man ever is - but having had its teething problems sorted out it must be better than something contrived from scratch whose precise meaning is subject to different interpretations during translation.

Successive Labour and Conservative governments have signed away British rights to the EU for many years now, but none has gone so far as this: signing away the right of the British people to self-government.

Our country has granted, or fought for, self-determination for more countries than any other.
Belgium is a good example which was established and guaranteed its independence by Britain and France under a treaty of 1839.

The violation of its independence in 1914 was what brought Britain into the First World War.

Poorly thought out?
How bitterly ironic it would be to hand over Britain's own self determination to an unaccountable institution only eight miles from Waterloo!

Of course no British government has managed to bring any powers back from Brussels, because under the acquis communitaire this is not possible.

But all that has been previously signed away pales into insignificance alongside what must be the most poorly thought out constitution of all time.

A constitution is supposed to be politically neutral, setting out the powers of the state and its relation to its citizens.

Golf club?
This constitution most decidedly is not, with its commitments to full employment, price stability, a social market economy and its promotion of scientific and technological advance.

Laudable as these aims may be, they are political objectives which serve to constrain within tight bounds the future direction of the European Union. What happens when these constitutional aims conflict?

The simple truth is that the British electorate is being lied to once again by the professional politicians.

Jack Straw suggested that the EU constitution is no more important than the constitution of a golf club, and yet what a golf club that would be, complete with its own army, police force, judiciary, parliament, currency, foreign minister and diplomatic service!

We should most emphatically not sign this constitution.

Aggressive expansion?
It fundamentally erodes still further the sovereignty of the United Kingdom, and sets a dangerous precedent for the future.

It extends EU competencies, and does so in such an imprecise way that it is almost impossible to quantify the long-term effects.

It allows the European Union a role in domestic education and health care, and as we have seen in the past, once it has a foothold in specific policy areas, it aggressively expands its influence until national parliaments are left with nothing.

For any who doubt that, look at the economic catastrophe which is the eurozone, or the destruction of fisheries and agriculture wrought by those common policies areas.

Withdrawal call
The truth is straightforward.

Great Britain does not need a European constitution which reverses the legal rights and privileges of British citizens, and never will do.

Defeat of the constitution in a referendum will at best merely slow the rush towards the creation of a United States of Europe: we have seen just this week the commission attempting to circumvent democratic rejection of the constitution by implementing its proposals on immigration, justice and home affairs before it is even signed, let alone ratified.

There is only one way to safeguard the sovereignty of the British people, and that is for us to withdraw from the European Union."