Thursday, November 25

And it goes on.....

UKIP is again facing a new leadership challenge. After Knapman's poll of constituency chairs, we thought it was all over, but apparently it isn't.

Since resigning from the UKIP whip in the European Parliament, Kilroy-Silk has spent his time touring 10 local branches. To begin the process of ousting Roger Knapman as party leader, branches can call a local meeting at which they pass a vote calling for a leadership contest.

According to Kilroy-Silk's aide, Tony Bennett, 12 branch chairman have already passed such a motion and more are in the process of doing so. They need 47 - the number required by the party's constitution before an emergency general meeting can be held.

Tony Stone, the UKIP party secretary, said, however, that he had not received a single valid letter on the subject from the branch chairman.

London Assembly member Damien Hockney, chairman of UKIP's Kensington and Chelsea branch, said today: "I believe a leadership contest is now inevitable. I will work with anyone who is elected, but I will be voting for Mr Kilroy-Silk."

Nigel Farage said that the move would inflict huge damage on the UKIP's general election chances: "It is the last thing we need. Even if they succeeded in getting a general EGM, members would vote overwhelmingly against Mr Kilroy-Silk, who has behaved appallingly."

However, Knapman is ever positive saying, "It's just a regular group from London trying to cause problems for the party."


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