Thursday, November 11

Bloomers ready to quit shock

FIRST the United Kingdom Independence Party loses the services of that most lucid statesman Robert Kilroy-Silk.

Now comes the devastating news that another highly sophisticated political operator may soon step down.

Godfrey Bloom UKIP's Yorkshire MEP who enraged feminists everywhere with his quips about how women should clean behind the fridge has told the Diary he has no intention of remaining a politician for long. "I never intended to ever stand more than once " he said. "I've been told never say never in politics. But I do have a real job."

One reason may be the cost. The financial broker who lives near Selby told the Evening Press back in June that he couldn't live on an MEP's £57 000 salary. Now he has revealed that his election campaign cost him £30 000.

Not the £2 billion spent by John Kerry and George Bush in America certainly. But a fair sum nonetheless.

"If you cannot write some big cheques you don't have a prayer which means that the system always throws up the same people.

"Why else is it that all politicians are white male middle class?" says Bloomers the well-known young black lesbian.


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