Tuesday, November 16

Kilroy urges revolution within Ukip

Robert Kilroy Silk said his battle for the leadership of the UK Independence Party was "not over yet", claiming he had signed up enough branches to force an election at a time of his choosing.
And he said he would stand as an MP in the upcoming general election, whether for Ukip or a new party.

The East Midlands MEP last month resigned the Ukip whip in the European Parliament amid a furious row over his bid for the leadership.

He said it was time for grassroots members to mount a "revolution" to seize power from the current leadership, who he dismissed as a "small cabal". If he was leader, he would get rid of a racist element that existed within the party, he said.

In an interview to be broadcast tomorrow on Channel 4's Morgan and Platell programme, the former chat show host insisted he had no regrets about saying he would "kill" the Tories or over the controversial remarks about Arabs which got him the sack from the BBC.

He also said that he had turned down the offer both of a knighthood and a peerage.
Asked about his efforts to unseat Ukip leader Roger Knapman, Mr Kilroy Silk said: "It isn't over yet. Believe me, it isn't over.

"I'm going round the country, we have people organising the branches, we already have far more branches than are necessary to force an election signed up. But we want more, and we want to choose our time. The members have to have a revolution in which they take control of the party."

He insisted his campaign for the leadership was not driven by egotism: "I honestly don't want the title. I was offered a knighthood and a peerage and I've turned (them down). The only thing I ever wanted was to have the letters MP after my name."

Asked whether he would stand for Parliament in the election expected next spring, he replied: "At the moment that is my plan, yes." But he acknowledged he did not know whether he would be standing as a Ukip candidate, saying only: "That's another matter."

Source: Birmingham Post, November 13th 2004

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Anonymous said...

Er, hang on a minute.

"If he was leader, he would get rid of a racist element that existed within the party, he said."

Did Kilroy really say this? Pot? Kettle?