Tuesday, November 16

'Mischief-making' UKIP rebel hits leadership close to home

Ukip rebel Robert Kilroy-Silk visited the Westcountry over the weekend to throw down the gauntlet to party leader Roger Knapman in his own backyard. Speaking to around 100 people at Lakeview Country Club in Bodmin on Saturday, the East Midlands MEP and former television chat show host said it was disgraceful that, five months after UKIP dealt a telling blow to established parties in the local elections, Mr Knapman, of West Devon, had failed to come up with clear policies.

He said: "I have been invited here to speak to UKIP members by UKIP members themselves. We don't have any policies for the General Election a few months away, and I think it is negligence on the part of the leadership. There has to be a revolution from the bottom up. If the leader won't lead, then let someone else take charge." But Sue Palfrey, manager of UKIP's South West office, said Mr Kilroy-Silk had little support among party members.

She said: "There are policies. We have a 2001 manifesto and there is a new manifesto being prepared as we speak."Mr Kilroy-Silk has only been in the party a few minutes and he is just mischief-making. We are fully behind Mr Knapman and the sooner all this bickering stops the better."

Source: Western Morning News, 15 November 2004

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