Friday, December 10

Will they be there next time?

In advance of session in Strasbourg next week, we'll look at the reports which MEPs will be discussing.

Foreign Affairs Committee
Turkey's progress towards accession
Bulgaria's progress towards accession
Romania's progress towards accession
Democracy, the rule of law, human rights and fundamental freedoms in third countries
Gerard Batten (substitute) not present for the votes in Committee

Budgetary Control Committee
Convention on the future of the European Union (2003 discharge)
Jeffrey Titford and Ashley Mote not present for the vote in Committee

Culture and Education Committee
Framework for the transparency of qualifications and competences (Europass)
Tom Wise present for the vote on Committee

Fisheries Committee
Extension of the EC-Comoros Fisheries Protocol
Protection of deep-water coral reefs in certain areas of the Atlantic Ocean
Nigel Farage (substitute) not present for votes


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