Friday, January 21

False Figures

Speaking on this morning’s edition of BBC Radio4’s "Today" Programme UKIP Leader Roger Knapman, trying to argue that his party is still in good shape after the defection of Robert Kilroy-Silk, declared that last "Rustie Lee was adopted as UKIP PPC forWyre Forest before an enthusiastic meeting of 250 members".

However, witnesses at the meeting claim that "In fact about 180 people signed into the meeting but strangely only 23 of them had Wyre Forest post codes. The rest were party stalwarts from Shropshire, Herefordshire, Walsall, Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Coventry and Dudley imported to boost the numbers.

"It was reported in the local press last October that Ms Lee "became a supporter of UKIP when she met fellow ex-television personality, and now UKIP Euro MP, Robert Kilroy-Silk and found they shared views onBrussels.

"Given that Mr Kilroy-Silk is today reported as saying of UKIP that he was ashamed to have joined a party which was a"joke" perhaps Ms Lee should stand up and say which version of Kilroy-Silk she actually supports – the UKIP Kilroy-Silk or the anti-UKIP Kilroy-Silk?!"

Source: Anonymous

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