Monday, January 17

Kilroy-Silk has a new party

It has been revealed in the Telegraph today that Kilroy-Silk is planning on forming a new party called 'Veritas' (Latin for truth).

The new party will go beyond UKIP's one issue and also have policies on law and order, asylum and tax.

The party has not received any financial backing, but one UKIP party member said: "Ukip is haemorrhaging support to Robert. I would say that practically all the members in the East Midlands [where Mr Kilroy-Silk is a Euro-MP] will go with him."

One party chairman said: "Robert Kilroy-Silk asked me to come over to his new party and I have accepted his offer."

Source: The Telegraph, Monday 17 January 2005
The Times, Monday 17 January 2005

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