Monday, January 31

Kilroy: UKIP are Fascist Nutters

In a documentary to be shown by the BBC tonight, Kilroy calls his former UKIP colleagues "bloody right-wing fascist nutters".

Kilory finally admits that he did not know what he was getting involved in when he joined UKIP last year. He said: "The trouble is, some are serious and some are nutters. And you get the lot. Is this one serious? Or is this another nutter? I didn't know what I joined. What's been irritating is that I've been defending some of these bloody right-wing fascist nutters."

One scene in the programme captured an exchange between Mr Kilroy-Silk and an MEP from the right-wing League of Polish Families, allied to Ukip, who said he believed homosexuality is a sin. Mr Kilroy-Silk replied: "I'm relieved. You see, I don't have to defend them any more."

A UKIP spokesman said: "We'll admit that we did have a fascist Right-wing nutter - but he has just left. I am talking about Robert Kilroy-Silk."

Source: The Indepedent on Sunday, Sunday 30th January 2005
The Sunday Telegraph, Sunday 30th January

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