Tuesday, January 25

No Cravats in my Party!!

An article in the Sunday Express revealed that candidates for Kilroy-Silk's new party, Veritas, will be banned from wearing cravats, blazers and silly hats in an attempt to convince voters that they are a serious political party.

Kilroy-Silk is desperate to to distance himself from what he sees as the "crank" reputation that surrounded UKIP.

Mr Kilroy-Silk has already received the backing of several Midlands businessmen to fund a party headquarters, a call centre and literature for a "serious" general election campaign.

More than 20 parliamentary candidates have already been vetted with full criminal record checks, to avoid embarrassments.

Prospective parliamentary candidates resigning from Ukip include Frank Leeming, Martin Bardoe, Ray Dixon, Ray Porter, Mark Harrison, Gill Allen and Ken Roseblade.

The Veritas source said: "This is a serious venture. Getting out of Europe is important, but so are crime, pensions and low tax.

Robert will be talking about the culture of British identity."

Alex Stevenson, chairman of the South East Derbyshire branch of UKIP, who has poured more than £10,000 into party coffers said: "I've been a member of Ukip for four-and-a-half-years.I've put in quite a lot of my own money and I am leaving. It was so disorganised. I kept asking for guidance on policies other than Europe and it never came. Robert has told me the new party will have a range of policies."

Mr Kilroy-Silk helped boost Ukip in the European elections but fell out when they refused to make him leader. His supporters say they were ignored by party bosses. Mr Stevenson added: "I am ashamed to have been part of them. They are not a democratic party."

Source: The Sunday Express, Sunday 23 January 2005

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Veritas Party

One Man and His Dog Party.