Monday, January 17

Party will fight election seats

The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) says it will fight every seat in the South West at the general election.

The party sees the region as a strong prospect and campaigners are confident it can win one or two seats.

Members say the votes will be based on standing up for British independence and leaving the European Union.

An argument with former colleague Robert Kilroy-Silk led to a loss of financial backers and the party admits it damaged credibility with voters.

But Dick Morris, an election guru for former US president Bill Clinton who is now advising UKIP, said the episode has not been damaging, but purifying.

Mr Kilroy-Silk resigned from the party's group of MEPs in October.

Mr Morris said: "It makes it very clear that UKIP stands for something and not someone.

"If you vote for UKIP you're advancing an agenda which is British independence from the dominance of European bureaucrats and not the political career of a person."