Friday, January 28

The UK Independence Party has named candidates to stand in constituencies across Norfolk at the coming general election

The UK Independence Party has named candidates to stand in constituencies across Norfolk at the coming general election.

UKIP has been in the news because of a public spat with former party member and MEP Robert Kilroy-Silk, who resigned while labelling colleagues a "joke."

Of the five constituencies covered by the party's Norwich and Norfolk branch, four have named candidates.

What impact they will have on each seat should become clearer closer to the anticipated May election, but their presence in North Norfolk could potentially be of particular importance.

The four candidates are Stuart Agnew for North Norfolk; Simon Fletcher for Mid Norfolk; Philip Tye for South Norfolk; and Andrew Coe for Norwich South.

John Youles, secretary of UKIP Norwich and Norfolk branch, which oversees the five constituencies, said no candidate had yet been selected for Norwich North.

Mr Agnew, who stood in the Mid Norfolk seat at the last general election, could have an impact on the North Norfolk seat if he manages to take as many votes as he did in 2001. He was the most successful of the five UKIP candidates across the Norwich and Norfolk branch area, taking 1333 votes.

Yesterday Mr Agnew dismissed what some see as the perceived wisdom of UKIP taking votes from the Conservative party. That would have a particular effect on the North Norfolk seat, traditionally a two-horse race between the Lib Dems and Tories.

In 2001 Norman Lamb took the seat from David Prior with a majority of 483. Mr Lamb's current Tory adversary is Iain Dale.

Mr Agnew, a farmer from Helhoughton, near Fakenham, and Norfolk's elected delegate to the NFU national council, said: "We can take votes from all the parties." Mr Agnew said figures from last year's Euro elections, when compared to figures from the 2001 general election, demonstrated UKIP votes came from all sources.

He said the UKIP target was to win a third place in as many constituencies as possible, beating a mainstream party into fourth. In Mr Agnew's case he has Labour's Phil Harris in his sights.

Source: Eastern Daily Press, Thursday 27 January 2005


Veritasparty said...

Veritas Party Robert Kilroy Silk. "The Straight Talking Party."
A number of PPC will be put forward by the Veritas Party for Norfolk. Recent weeks have seen a number of defections from other party's to Veritas. Interested prospective PPC should contact The Veritas Party.109-110 Bolsover Street,London W1W 5NT & David Shippley Regional Campaign Manager for Veritas Eastern Region Website: tel: 020 7631 3757 email: Veritas Forum:

Anonymous said...

Veritas Party and Robert Kilroy Silk one of the top failures of 2005. Robert Kilroy Silk MEP stands as a Indipendent MEP, whilst still a member of the Veritas Party. For further details contact: Patrick Eston at the Veritas Party.