Monday, January 31

UKIP Scandal

THE UK Independence Party (UKIP) have suspended one of their Scottish MPs amid reports that he advocated Nazi-style policies.

Party bosses said yesterday that 54-year-old John Houston - who was selected in December to contest the East Kilbride seat in Lanarkshire - was suspended after his proposals were sent to newspapers.

Houston, according to the Express, believes the mentally ill should be executed, civil servants should have free visits to brothels and people with disabilities and unskilled workers should be sent to work camps.

In his Nazi-style rant, Houston also advoctated a New World Order led by "English speaking nations".

But the list goes on:

  • The creation of special communities only for people who speak the same language and for those with facial disfigurements.

  • Labour-intensive initiatives to provide work for the unskilled and people with learning difficulties.

  • The killing of the criminally insane with their organs to be "made available to law-abiding members of the community".

  • Free availability of cannabis, similar to tobacco and alcohol. Other drugs could be obtained from specialist outlets.

  • Legalisation of brothels, saunas and other sexual services to both men and woman.Those who do work for the community, such as civil servants, would be entitled to a number of free visits every year.

UKIP spokesman Mark Croucher said that the party was investigating and that Houston's opinions "bear no relation to UKIP policy".

Source: The Sunday Mirroy, Sunday 30 January 2005

The Express, Saturday 29 January 2005

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Anonymous said...

UKIP seem to be embedded with scandal - lets hope people realise their true colours before June 4th!

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