Friday, February 25

UKIP to sue defectors

UKIP is considering suing two London Assembly members who defected to Kilroy-Silk's new Veritas party.

Damian Hockney, now Veritas deputy leader, and Peter Hulme-Cross were elected in 2004 on the list system.

The party argues the pair should give up their seats as they won them as UKIP representatives, not as individuals.

Mr Hockney said the law was clear that those elected on a list who quit their party should keep their seats.

UKIP chairman Petrina Holdsworth urged the men to step down from the GLA in a letter.

In the letter, Mrs Holdsworth said: "In the circumstances it is risible that you can put yourself forward as supporters of a party which has declared that it stands for the truth when all those who hold elected office in your party gained that office through UKIP votes on a party-list basis.

"The party has taken legal advice and it is clear that we could take legal proceedings against you which could result in the return of our seats and / or damages against you .

"We would however like you to be given an opportunity to reflect on what you have done, to restore your own credibility with the electorate and return the seats to the party which won them fair and square at the last election."

Press Association, Thursday 24 February 2005

Thursday, February 24

Election fighters picked by UKIP

The Uk Independence Party has selected its prospective parliamentary candidates to fight the Erewash and Amber Valley seats in the next General Election.

The candidate for the Erewash constituency will be Geoffrey Kingscott (68), a translator and writer, who is married with three children. Mr Kingscott, of Sawley, joined UKIP in 2000.

He will stand against former UKIP member Robert Kilroy-Silk, leader of the new Veritas party.

The candidate for Amber Valley will be Hugh Price (59), a schoolteacher and author of books for children.

Mr Price, of Bakewell, is married with two children.

He joined UKIP in 1994 and was its parliamentary candidate for West Derbyshire in the 1997 General Election.

Candidates have yet to be chosen for the rest of the Derbyshire seats.

UKIP says that it will fight for every seat in England during the election, which is expected in May.

Source: This is Derbyshire, February 23 2005

Tory switches to give party first seat

A leading Tory has defected to the UK Independence Party, and will become the first councillor in Teignbridge to sit as an official member. A former mayor of Dawlish, Cllr Bill Forrow, 43, shocked fellow Conservatives by switching to UKIP because the Tories are not robust over Europe.

Cllr Forrow, who was mayor last year, said: "It was a huge wrench and something I had to wrestle with for some time, because I have always been a true blue. It goes back generations - my great grandfather was a Tory.

"But the Conservatives are not doing enough to get us out of Europe. The EU is wrecking this country, and Ukip is the only party prepared to do something about it. I am now convinced the Tories are definitely not going to take Britain out of the EU. Britain is under attack from Europe, and I had to do something.

"It's up to everybody to examine their consciences, forget party allegiances and do what's best for the country."

Cllr Forrow added that he had warned leading local Tories in advance of his change of allegiance and received a "civilised" response.

He is a psychiatric nurse at Torquay and has sat on Dawlish Town Council for 18 years. He also had a 12-year stint as a Teignbridge councillor, and in 1997 stood as the Tory candidate at Huddersfield in the general election.

Trevor Colman, the Ukip prospective candidate for Teignbridge, welcomed the new recruit, announced at a meeting in Dawlish, and declared: "His expertise and experience will be very useful to us.

"A lot of other grass roots Conservatives also feel the same way about Europe, and I would urge them to join us or vote for us at the coming election."

Cllr Stuart Barker, Conservative group leader on Teignbridge Council and deputy chairman of the local association, said it was a great pity that Cllr Forrow had not been listening to what the Tories had been saying on Europe.

"We have made it very clear we would have a referendum on the European constitution to let the people decide.

"We want radical changes in the EU, but it has to be remembered that this country depends heavily on trade with the continent and it is pie in the sky to think we can sever all links with our closest trading ally. Voting for Ukip would be a wasted vote because it could let in Labour or the Lib-Dems."

Source: This is South Devon, February 23 2005

Wednesday, February 23

Another corrupt UKIP candidate

The Independent has revealed today that the UKIP candidate for Manchester Central, Damien O'Connor, is a convicted criminal. Back in 2000, he narrowly escaped a prison sentence after being found guilty of a £9,000 housing benefit fraud.

That doesn't seem to worry the UKIP, though. "Mr O'Connor has been perfectly frank about his criminal record," the party said yesterday. "He's almost completed paid off the money relating to the offence, so we are happy to support his candidacy."

Source: The Independent, 23 February 2005

Tuesday, February 22

Kilroy-Silk to speak in Bolton

TELEVISION presenter and politician Robert Kilroy-Silk has chosen Bolton to make one of his first public appearances since launching his new party.

The Euro-MP, who formed his new group, Veritas, after a public split with the leaders of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), will be hoping he can win over members of his old party and new supporters alike.

He will address the Bolton branch of Veritas - the first to be set up in the country - at a meeting at the Pack Horse Inn on Nelson Square at Wednesday, March 16 at 7.30pm.

So far the party claim to have attracted 24 new members in the borough, half of them from outside the party.

Mike Ford, chairman of the Bolton branch of Veritas, said he believed the membership of the branch would eclipse the 60 members boasted by the former UK Independence Party branch.

He said: "We believe Robert Kilroy-Silk is the man to lead us forward and cut through all the rubbish that we hear in modern politics.

"The Bolton branch of UKIP established a reputation as being one of the most active and vociferous in the country.

"The people who ran that branch are now in Veritas and we hope to have an even bigger affect."

The committee of the new branch has been formed by the former five man UKIP branch board which resigned in a row with the national party.

They claim to have been put under "undue pressure" by UKIP leaders not to hold a extraordinary annual general meeting which was expected to back Mr Kilroy-Silk's call for a leadership contest while he was still in that party.

The new Veritas group will hold its first meeting at Bolton Arena on Wednesday, February 23, at 7.30pm.

Both meetings are open to the public.

Source: This is Lancashire, Monday 21 February 2005

Thursday, February 17

UKIP activists sign up for Kilroy

THE entire executive committee of the UK Independence party's Bolton branch have switched allegiance to Robert Kilroy-Silk's new Veritas party.

The move comes amid suggestions that hundreds of members across the north west are making the same switch from Kilroy-Silk's former party, and other branches are considering a similar move.

Spokesman for Veritas Bolton Ian Upton confirmed the switch and said that UKIP branches in Manchester, Cheshire and Lancashire had `raised concerns' with him over UKIP's running of the party. "They are freely supporting what's being done in Bolton branch," he said.

Chairman of South Manchester branch Tony Moor said: "There are rumours that some branches are switching over to Veritas, but I would not like to say which ones they are."

Two weeks ago Robert Kilroy-Silk set up Veritas after leaving UKIP. In December he fell out with its chairman Roger Knapman, who would not allow him to challenge for leadership.

Secretary for Veritas Bolton branch and prospective parliamentary candidate Dave Jones claims that the branch was suspended from UKIP after it tried to support Kilroy-Silk's takeover bid in a vote that was not recognised by the party.

Veritas National Organiser Alex Stephenson said he knew of three or four other UKIP branches in the north west region who were thinking of switching to Veritas. "Some of them will be coming over in the next weeks, but we don't want to pre-empt them by announcing who they are just yet," he said.

Four branches would represent just over 20 percent all UKIP branches in the north west, which has 14 in the area, and hundreds of members. So far the only confirmed switchover has been the Bolton branch.

North Manchester branch chairman of UKIP Pete Reeve denied that the branch was switching parties.

Ian Upton said that numerous UKIP members were applying for membership. "This is an evolution from the old party not a revolution, the type of people moving over feel strongly democracy, who are passionate about living in a free country," he said.

Yesterday there was no accurate figures for north west membership because Veritas' central office had been overwhelmed by applications. The only indication came from Alex Stephenson, who said: "In the north west we are talking in terms of hundreds."

Mr. Stephenson also claims that Vertias has prospective parliamentary candidates who had defected from the mainstream political parties to stand for them at election. "We will be announcing a full list in the next few weeks and people will be surprised at who is on the list," he said.

But the four Veritas prospective party candidates already announced in the north west, David Jones (Bolton south east) Mike Ford (Bolton west), Alan Ainscow (Bolton north east) and Carl Faulkner (Rochdale), have all previously stood as UKIP candidates.

This is despite claims from Kilroy-Silk that Veritas would have no dealings with do with UKIP and its old regime. Ian said: "I will not discuss any links with UKIP and we are nothing to do with them anymore."

UKIP Euro MP for the north west John Whittaker denied suggestions that his membership had been sabotaged. He said: "There is a trickle of members going that way, but Kilroy-Silk has taken with him some of the awkward ones. For the party this is a great move."

Last week UKIP announced 2000 members in the region, and a spokesman said: "People who did not want to join because of Kilroy-Silk are now coming over to the party now."

Both parties are campaigning for the UK's withdrawal from the European Union, and Veritas also has policies on the reduction of asylum and immigration.

Source: Manchester Evening News, Wednesday 16 February 2005

Wednesday, February 9

UKIP unveil new campaign poster

With a £400,000 backing from Alan Bown, UKIP unveiled the first of its election campaign posters on the issue of immigration.

The cartoon poster, one of five to be used during the coming general election campaign, showed a threatening EU giant standing over a quaking trio of all three main party leaders, Tony Blair, Michael Howard and Charles Kennedy.

The Daily Telegraph, Tuesday 8 February 2005

Monday, February 7

BNP Leader: "Support Veritas and you're supporting the BNP!"

A British National Party press release states:

"The launch of Veritas may well be greeted with horror by hard working BNP supporters around the country, aware that such a party may well steal votes from our candidates...

However any success ofVeritas... will in the long run benefit the BNP."BNP leader Nick Griffin has listed his reasons for backing Kilroy as follows:"we have to acknowledge that a big push by Kilroy-Silk's Vanity party is likely to take votes from the BNP at the forthcoming General Election.

At first sight, therefore, this makes its launch a serious blow to our hopes for the future. In fact, however, nothing could be further from the truth. In the long-run, it may well be that Kilroy-Silk's high profile anti-immigration, anti-multiculturalism and anti-Islam campaign will play a very significant role in our ultimate victory."

BNP leader Nick Griffin's six reasons why Veritas is good for the BNP:(thoughtfully extracted to stop you having to visit awebsite full of hate and stupidity)

1) "any and every high-profile discussion of 'race' serves to legitimise our message and move us towards the mainstream. Whether it's Michael Howard, Robert Kilroy-Silk or Labour MPs such as Ann Cryer, the more they make the public aware that our issues can be discussed, the easier our campaigners find it to win over ordinary voters on the doorstep."

2) "the more Veritas anti-immigration candidates do to break old voting habits this May, the more votes will be available to British National Party council candidates next May."

3) "if Kilroy's Vanity operation is going to be effective as a safety-valve, it is going to need to have very large sums of money spent on it... having several million pounds... thrown into propagandising and organising against the multi-culti 'elite' willwithout fail attract and involve new people - middle class professionals in particular - who at presen ttend to be outside our sphere of influence..."the more of our political 'turf' that Kilroy seeks to stand on, the harder it will be for his paid party managers to keep their grass-roots activists from looking with curious sympathy at what the BNP has to say on 'their' issues. The moment any moderately intelligent newcomer gets involved in any sort of anti-immigration group, and promptly goes looking for facts and figures and explanations on the Internet, they will be drawn to our website like bees to a honey pot."

4) "More than that, the rapid, almost uncontrollable growth that Veritas will enjoy if a serious amount ofmoney is thrown at it will create entire local branches of sincere, angry but politically naïve members - the political equivalent of free take-away pizzas for BNP talent-spotting and recruitment teams... True, we will have to work to turn knee-jerk single issue protesters into genuine all-round nationalists, but the longer they spend in Veritas reading the pamphlets and listening to the audio tapes our 'hit-squads' will have at their disposal, the more they will tend to see that Kilroy-Silk is only a pale and useless imitation of the real thing anyway."

5) "Kilroy-Silk has a very limited shelf life. For a start he's a 62-year old egomaniac loner. However well his party does for a few years... either a Muslim hit-man with something a bit more dangerous than a bucket of horse-shit, sun-bed induced skin cancer orange that no number of face-lifts can hold back, is going to get him sooner or later. And, in any one-man party, when the one man goes, so does everyone else. What an irony if he did manage to build a really popular party, only for us to have huge chunks of it drop into our laps when he ceases to be a player."

6) "The sixth and final reason for us to welcomeVeritas is that, whatever the real intentions of those behind it, its high-profile existence and the need ofKilroy-Silk to keep himself in the headlines by ever-more Politically Incorrect comments are bound to have a destabilising influence on the genocidal multi-culti experiment that it is our aim and duty to destroy." This is bound to be particularly true in terms of the continued radicalisation of young Muslims... That means more racist attacks on innocent whites, more open hostility to our fundamental values of democracy, free speech and genuine tolerance, and more potential home-grown suicide bombers. All of which - though very unpleasant - will bring ever closer the day when the British electorate tire for good of trite sound-bites and empty promises to treat a few of the worst symptoms of the multi-culti cancer, and decide instead that the time has come for radical nationalist surgery."

So, the BNP welcomes both Veritas and suicide bombers- what wonderful patriots they are!

Thursday, February 3

Veritas Launch Marred by National Front Links

Kilro began the launch by brandishing reams of paper, which he said were the "lies evasion and spin" of the political establishment on immigration and Europe.

However, he is not pandering to racists when he cries "our country is being stolen from us" and vows to halt "the ascendancy of multi-culturalism". That's because Kilroy just wants to tell the truth and that's why his party is called Veritas.

Nevertheless, the Guardian is reporting today that a key member of Robert Kilroy-Silk's new political party co-founded an organisation with a former chairman of the National Front.

Anthony Bennett is the official leader of Veritas, but he was dismissed from UKIP last year after publishing a pamphlet describing the prophet Muhammad as a paedophile.

Yesterday Mr Bennett said he had not known that Ian Anderson was a former chairman of the National Front at the time that the two men helped to form the People's Campaign to Keep the Pound. "Had I known that, I probably wouldn't have joined it," he said.

The revelations, coming the day after the official launch of Veritas, will call into question Mr Kilroy-Silk's insistence that his party's anti-immigration stance has nothing to do with racism or Islamophobia.

Needless to say, immigration is at the top of Veritas' agenda.

The Guardian, Thursday 3 February 2005

Wednesday, February 2

Hockney Defects

London Assembly member, Damian Hockney, has defected to Kilroy-Silk's new party, Veritas. Mr Hockney is expected to be appointed deputy leader of Veritas.

UKIP have called on Mr Hockney to resign his seat on the assembly, claiming he had a 'moral obligation' to step aside and let another candidate from the party stand for the assembly.

A UKIP spokesman said that in 2003, Mr Hockney had proposed a motion, passed by the party's National Executive Committee, requiring any successful UKIP election candidate who later left the party to resign their seat.

'UKIP asserts that Mr Hockney has a moral obligation, if not a legal one, to adhere to a rule which he himself was a vocal advocate of,' said the spokesman.

'UKIP has been surprised at Mr Hockney's selective memory in respect of this motion for some time. However, his reported appointment as deputy leader of Veritas explains this failure.'

Two UKIP staff members have followed in Hockney's steps.

UKIP members have dubbed the project Vanitas and warned that, "the future's bright, the future's orange" under the well-tanned Mr Kilroy-Silk.

A spokesman for UKIP said: "Vanitas clearly does not have anything different to offer the public other than an opportunity to swoon at Kilroy-Silk's feet.

"We apologise to the voters who elected a UKIP MEP and ended up with a personality cult."

Source: The Guardian, Wednesday 2 February 2005
Birmingham Post, Wednsday 2 February 2005

Tuesday, February 1

UKIP vote on a resolution for the first time

There was only one roll-call vote on the final vote of the resolution on Anti-Semitism and all parties voted in favour, including UKIP MEPs.

It is worth noting that this is the first time in this Legislature that UKIP have supported a Parliament Resolution. They have voted against or abstained on all other resolutions, including those on the Asian Tsunami disaster andon free and fair elections in Ukraine

They have done so on the grounds that they do not want the European Parliament to interfere in the affairs of the nation state, nor do they wish to support any processes of the Institution because they believe this will only serve to strengthen it. Perhaps their support for the anti-Semitism resolution has shown that they now recognise the Parliament has some validity?

Source: Anonymous

UKIP don't want any more countries in EU

The European Parliament adopted a resolution with a large majority that supported the fledgling democracy of Ukraine and Viktor Yuschenko's intentions to join the European Union following its recent Presidential elections.

It was therefore deplorable that UKIP, who having expressed their intentions to withdraw the UK from the EU, voted to remove the right for any country to have aspirations to join. It is worth noting that only19 Members voted against, made up of UKIP and Communists - including Batten, Booth, Clarke, Nattrass, Whittaker, Wise and their non-attached allies, Kilroy-Silk and Mote.

Source: Anonymous

UKIP Abstain From Tsunami Vote

The resolution on the recent tsunami disaster in Asia was adopted by the Parliament and received overwhelming support from all sides of the political spectrum.

The exception however, was UKIP. Of those UKIP Members that bothered to vote, Batten, Booth, Clarke, Nattrass, Whittaker, Wise and their non-attached allies, Kilroy-Silk and Mote - all abstained.

A senior MEP who was in Sri Lanka when the Tsunami struck, said: "I am utterly flabbergasted by the response of UKIP to an exceptional resolution with no federalist ambition whatsoever, but rather one which genuinely attempts to alleviate the suffering of those who have already lost so much. It is sickening to think that any individual, whatever their political colours, can abstain on measures which aim to prevent the further exploitation of vulnerable orphans and export the much needed technology for early warning systems to prevent the repeat of such a disaster. Perhaps they simply did not want to join the rest of the Parliamentarians who committed themselves to donate a days wage to help the victims."

Source: Anonymous