Wednesday, February 23

Another corrupt UKIP candidate

The Independent has revealed today that the UKIP candidate for Manchester Central, Damien O'Connor, is a convicted criminal. Back in 2000, he narrowly escaped a prison sentence after being found guilty of a £9,000 housing benefit fraud.

That doesn't seem to worry the UKIP, though. "Mr O'Connor has been perfectly frank about his criminal record," the party said yesterday. "He's almost completed paid off the money relating to the offence, so we are happy to support his candidacy."

Source: The Independent, 23 February 2005

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Tom W. said...

Oddly enough, this brief precis of the Independent report on Damien O'Connor fails to mention that Mr O'Connor was a Labour city councillor at the time of his conviction. Could this be because the UKIPWatch blog is run by the Brussels branch of the Labour Party?