Monday, February 7

BNP Leader: "Support Veritas and you're supporting the BNP!"

A British National Party press release states:

"The launch of Veritas may well be greeted with horror by hard working BNP supporters around the country, aware that such a party may well steal votes from our candidates...

However any success ofVeritas... will in the long run benefit the BNP."BNP leader Nick Griffin has listed his reasons for backing Kilroy as follows:"we have to acknowledge that a big push by Kilroy-Silk's Vanity party is likely to take votes from the BNP at the forthcoming General Election.

At first sight, therefore, this makes its launch a serious blow to our hopes for the future. In fact, however, nothing could be further from the truth. In the long-run, it may well be that Kilroy-Silk's high profile anti-immigration, anti-multiculturalism and anti-Islam campaign will play a very significant role in our ultimate victory."

BNP leader Nick Griffin's six reasons why Veritas is good for the BNP:(thoughtfully extracted to stop you having to visit awebsite full of hate and stupidity)

1) "any and every high-profile discussion of 'race' serves to legitimise our message and move us towards the mainstream. Whether it's Michael Howard, Robert Kilroy-Silk or Labour MPs such as Ann Cryer, the more they make the public aware that our issues can be discussed, the easier our campaigners find it to win over ordinary voters on the doorstep."

2) "the more Veritas anti-immigration candidates do to break old voting habits this May, the more votes will be available to British National Party council candidates next May."

3) "if Kilroy's Vanity operation is going to be effective as a safety-valve, it is going to need to have very large sums of money spent on it... having several million pounds... thrown into propagandising and organising against the multi-culti 'elite' willwithout fail attract and involve new people - middle class professionals in particular - who at presen ttend to be outside our sphere of influence..."the more of our political 'turf' that Kilroy seeks to stand on, the harder it will be for his paid party managers to keep their grass-roots activists from looking with curious sympathy at what the BNP has to say on 'their' issues. The moment any moderately intelligent newcomer gets involved in any sort of anti-immigration group, and promptly goes looking for facts and figures and explanations on the Internet, they will be drawn to our website like bees to a honey pot."

4) "More than that, the rapid, almost uncontrollable growth that Veritas will enjoy if a serious amount ofmoney is thrown at it will create entire local branches of sincere, angry but politically naïve members - the political equivalent of free take-away pizzas for BNP talent-spotting and recruitment teams... True, we will have to work to turn knee-jerk single issue protesters into genuine all-round nationalists, but the longer they spend in Veritas reading the pamphlets and listening to the audio tapes our 'hit-squads' will have at their disposal, the more they will tend to see that Kilroy-Silk is only a pale and useless imitation of the real thing anyway."

5) "Kilroy-Silk has a very limited shelf life. For a start he's a 62-year old egomaniac loner. However well his party does for a few years... either a Muslim hit-man with something a bit more dangerous than a bucket of horse-shit, sun-bed induced skin cancer orange that no number of face-lifts can hold back, is going to get him sooner or later. And, in any one-man party, when the one man goes, so does everyone else. What an irony if he did manage to build a really popular party, only for us to have huge chunks of it drop into our laps when he ceases to be a player."

6) "The sixth and final reason for us to welcomeVeritas is that, whatever the real intentions of those behind it, its high-profile existence and the need ofKilroy-Silk to keep himself in the headlines by ever-more Politically Incorrect comments are bound to have a destabilising influence on the genocidal multi-culti experiment that it is our aim and duty to destroy." This is bound to be particularly true in terms of the continued radicalisation of young Muslims... That means more racist attacks on innocent whites, more open hostility to our fundamental values of democracy, free speech and genuine tolerance, and more potential home-grown suicide bombers. All of which - though very unpleasant - will bring ever closer the day when the British electorate tire for good of trite sound-bites and empty promises to treat a few of the worst symptoms of the multi-culti cancer, and decide instead that the time has come for radical nationalist surgery."

So, the BNP welcomes both Veritas and suicide bombers- what wonderful patriots they are!

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