Thursday, February 24

Election fighters picked by UKIP

The Uk Independence Party has selected its prospective parliamentary candidates to fight the Erewash and Amber Valley seats in the next General Election.

The candidate for the Erewash constituency will be Geoffrey Kingscott (68), a translator and writer, who is married with three children. Mr Kingscott, of Sawley, joined UKIP in 2000.

He will stand against former UKIP member Robert Kilroy-Silk, leader of the new Veritas party.

The candidate for Amber Valley will be Hugh Price (59), a schoolteacher and author of books for children.

Mr Price, of Bakewell, is married with two children.

He joined UKIP in 1994 and was its parliamentary candidate for West Derbyshire in the 1997 General Election.

Candidates have yet to be chosen for the rest of the Derbyshire seats.

UKIP says that it will fight for every seat in England during the election, which is expected in May.

Source: This is Derbyshire, February 23 2005

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