Tuesday, March 29

Surely Kilroy's not wasting time!

Kilroy submitted a written question to the Commission:

Would the Commission kindly list all the overseas visits undertaken by MEPs that have been paid for by any of the institutions of the European Union, in whole or in part, for every year since 1 January 2000, stating in each case the reason for such visits and the cost?

As everybody knows, the subjest of the question does not fall within the remit of the Commission. Thanks to them for pointing this out to Mr Kilroy-Silk.

Source: www.europarl.eu.int

Monday, March 21

UKIP hits at cash for EU rules campaign

A multi-million pound campaign to explain the EU Constitution has been branded 'a monstrous abuse of taxpayers' money'.

Euro MPs have approved the £6 million campaign aimed at informing people about the controversial treaty. Britain has turned down any cash.

EU officials insist the aim is not to promote a 'yes' vote in referendums, but the UK Independence Party said the campaign was an outrageous attempt to swing the vote.

UKIP MEP Nigel Farage said: 'This is a monstrous abuse of taxpayers' money, an attempt to bully the electorate into voting for this totally unacceptable constitution.'

He said: 'I am not going to take this lying down. I will be launching an appeal in this country to help the French and to help the Danes try to redress this balance.'

Source: Birmingham Post, Thursday 17 March 2005

Veritas applicants have to pay to stand as candidates

The Sunday Telegraph has seen an application form for people who wish to stand as Veritas candidates in the next general electon.

Applicants are expected to pay their own £500 deposit and fund their own campaigns. They also have to pay £50 to submit their form, although they will get it back if they are not selected.

Applicants are asked questions, which aim to spare the party from any embarrassment, such as: "Is there anything in your past which might cause the party embarrassment?" They also have to complete a United States-style personality test in which they are asked to respond to such statements as: "Playing by the rules is more important than winning."

Veritas hopes to field between 100 and 150 candidates at the general election.

Source: The Sunday Telegraph, Sunday March 20 2005

Monday, March 14

Pay a Pound to save the Pound

According to the UKIP online shop, if you buy the famous lapel pin badge, you will "Pay a Pound, to save the Pound." So why does it cost £1.10?

Source: UKIP website

Friday, March 11

Full List of UKIP Candidates for General Election

Please click here for the full ist of candidates for the general election.

Thursday, March 10

UKIP Position Paper

In February, UKIP released a position paper on "why leave the EU?"

One of the arguments given is that Britain is being "strangled by the deluge of ill-conceived intrusive regulation, supposedly to protect our environment, to ensure our health and safety, to uphold an ever-increasing list of ‘rights’ and, most recently, to protect us from terrorism."

Is this more evidence that UKIP just don't care?

Source: UKIP Website

Kilroy is so wrong says battling Blair

Tony Blair has opened up a war of words with ex-chat show host and Erewash candidate Robert Kilroy-Silk - claiming he is exploiting residents' problems for his own ends.

During an interview in Downing Street, the Prime Minister told the Evening Post that Kilroy, as he was known on TV, was handing out a "false prescription" to the British people.

It is the first time Mr Blair has talked personally about Mr Kilroy-Silk, who is hoping to become an MP in Erewash, representing his new Veritas party, which means truth in Latin.

Mr Kilroy-Silk is already a Euro-MP, winning his seat last June when he represented the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP). He left the party after a failed attempt to become leader.

His new party is strongly anti-European Union and has called for tougher controls on immigration.

He is attempting to unseat Blair loyalist Liz Blackman (majority 6,932).

Mr Blair attacked Mr Kilroy-Silk saying: "I don't agree with him, shock-horror. He's standing in Erewash, isn't he? I think he does not represent a sensible way forward for the country.

"I think in the end, people will want to vote for a strong economy, extra investment in our public services, and not what in the end is a... Look, he (Kilroy) talks about cynicism.

"But just to use whatever disaffection there is with the political process to give people a completely false prescription - it's not going to work. He's not going to do it. It's not good for the country."Mr Blair added: "To withdraw from the European Union is contrary to the interests of the economy and therefore the prosperity of the British people.

"And I think it's quite wrong to use the immigration argument in respect of Europe. Agree or disagree about immigration policy, it's not actually decided by Europe."

His outburst opened up another front in the war of words.

Last night, Mr Kilroy-Silk said: "Clearly, the Prime Minister should not even be aware of my existence. If he was confident about his politics and policies, he would not even be aware of me.

"Clearly he is in panic-mode, and he is in panic-mode because we are in touch with the people of Britain. They want politicians who tell the truth. Tony knows that, and that is why he is panicking.

"Mr Kilroy-Silk said Britain had to leave the EU to have any control over its own borders. "Both he and Michael Howard are lying to us when they pretend they can control asylum without leaving the EU because a huge number of migrant workers come from the EU."

Source: This is Nottingham, Wednesday 9 March 2005

Wednesday, March 9

Veritas is not about boosting Kilroy's ego

In an interview for the Huddersfield Examiner, Judith Longman, Campaign Manager for Yorkshire and the North East, said that Veritas is not a plaything to boost Kilroy's ego.

She said that Veritas’ policies are still in the development stage… but there is one certainty - they want out of Europe. “We would still trade with the European countries but we do not want to be part of a European superstate. That is what will be created if Labour get their way. They want Britain to be swallowed up by Europe…… We are opposed to ID cards and the war in Iraq. People don’t trust politicians, and why should they? Time and time again we see how they lie and con the population to get what they want.” She also said that the party is opposed to political correctness.

Mrs Longman admits “Veritas are not going to win but I think people are listening to us and will vote for Veritas. We are not a protest vote. We have something to say and we have ideas that are for the good of Great Britain.”

Source: The Huddersfield Examiner, Saturday 5 March 2005

Monday, March 7

Kilroy's question to the Commission

Kilroy-Silk submitted a written question to the Commission last November regarding the repatriation of powers to the UK, following a speech made my Michael Howard, in which he said that if elected, his party would repatriate certain powers to the British people.

The answer given by Mr Barrosso can be found here.

Friday, March 4

Bloom nominated for Equal Opportunities Prize

Godfrey Bloom has been nominated for the Women's Committee Equal Opportunities Prize by his Polish (female) colleague, Urszula Krupa. She said: "Godfrey has spoken out highlighting specific areas of employment legislation that militate against the employment of younger women," she says. "As a successful businessman himself, his views carry some authority."

The result will be announced on March 8, International Women's Day. Although Bloom doesn't normally mark the occasion, he said: "Believe me, I'll celebrate it if I win," with a grin.

Source: The Daily Telegraph, Tuesday March 1 2005

UKIP Policies

Click here for the latest UKIP policies.

BBC Blow

The knives were out at the Brussels dinner hosted by the BBC on Tuesday night. Newish director-general Mark Thompson threw a bash for MEPs, commissioners and eurocrats on a getting-to-know-you tour shortly after a report revealed gaps in the BBC's EU coverage.

The cosy atmosphere was ruined by Nigel Farage of the eurosceptic UK Independence party, who challenged Thompson on the Beeb's europhilia. "Thompson was floundering and seemed to think that Robert Kilroy-Silk was the leader of Ukip," says Observer's man getting the coats.

Not only has the permatanned Smooth-as-Silk left Ukip to form Veritas but the real leader, Roger Knapman, was there in person.

Still, he also had a knowledge gap. Another guest overheard Knapman asking regional policy commissioner Danuta Hubner what she did for a living, oblivious as to her identity.

Source: Financial Times, Thursday, March 3 2005