Thursday, March 10

UKIP Position Paper

In February, UKIP released a position paper on "why leave the EU?"

One of the arguments given is that Britain is being "strangled by the deluge of ill-conceived intrusive regulation, supposedly to protect our environment, to ensure our health and safety, to uphold an ever-increasing list of ‘rights’ and, most recently, to protect us from terrorism."

Is this more evidence that UKIP just don't care?

Source: UKIP Website


Anonymous said...

"Is this more evidence that UKIP just don't care?"

Er.... no?

Mike said...

I should think they are referring to the 1984-esque idea of Biometric ID cards, supposedly a plan to 'stop terrorism' (yeah, like the NY police where gonna stop those jets in mid-air and go "Oh sorry, your ID card is forged, you better land this jet right away and come with us" and the terrorist going "Damn, foiled again! i knew i should have got a better forgery done and not just made a photocopy to fool the 17-year old work experience girl at Check-in"), rather than them actively encouraging terrorists to blow up and stab people in the street (we'll leave that to BNP members)