Monday, March 21

Veritas applicants have to pay to stand as candidates

The Sunday Telegraph has seen an application form for people who wish to stand as Veritas candidates in the next general electon.

Applicants are expected to pay their own £500 deposit and fund their own campaigns. They also have to pay £50 to submit their form, although they will get it back if they are not selected.

Applicants are asked questions, which aim to spare the party from any embarrassment, such as: "Is there anything in your past which might cause the party embarrassment?" They also have to complete a United States-style personality test in which they are asked to respond to such statements as: "Playing by the rules is more important than winning."

Veritas hopes to field between 100 and 150 candidates at the general election.

Source: The Sunday Telegraph, Sunday March 20 2005

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Tom said...

I wasn't aware that this blog had now become "UKIP and Veritas Watch".