Wednesday, March 9

Veritas is not about boosting Kilroy's ego

In an interview for the Huddersfield Examiner, Judith Longman, Campaign Manager for Yorkshire and the North East, said that Veritas is not a plaything to boost Kilroy's ego.

She said that Veritas’ policies are still in the development stage… but there is one certainty - they want out of Europe. “We would still trade with the European countries but we do not want to be part of a European superstate. That is what will be created if Labour get their way. They want Britain to be swallowed up by Europe…… We are opposed to ID cards and the war in Iraq. People don’t trust politicians, and why should they? Time and time again we see how they lie and con the population to get what they want.” She also said that the party is opposed to political correctness.

Mrs Longman admits “Veritas are not going to win but I think people are listening to us and will vote for Veritas. We are not a protest vote. We have something to say and we have ideas that are for the good of Great Britain.”

Source: The Huddersfield Examiner, Saturday 5 March 2005

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