Sunday, April 10

Another UKIP own goal!

A row broke out this week end following UKIP's strategically planned sponsorship of the Coca Cola championship league clash between Burnley and Gillingham, who were playing at home.
The Professional Footballers Association (PFA), chief executive Gordon Taylor made comments ahead of the game, suggesting that UKIP's immigration policies were not compatible with football. UKIP leader Nigel Farage soon hit back threatening the PFA with legal action. He also went to lengths to expain that UKIP members are not racist but committed to equal opportunities.
It seems that Mr Farage has a very short memory. Everyone of course remembers Godfrey Bloom's infamous opinions on equal opportunities, which amount to "women not cleaning behind the fridge enough," and former UKIP MEP Robert Kilroy Silk's views on Moslems. Neither of which were forced to withdraw their comments at the time.
Back on the pitch Burnley lost 1-0 to Gillingham. Lets hope that this will be the only UKIP sponsored victory in the coming weeks!

Source: UKIP website


Tom said...

RKS is no longer a member of the party, and Godfrey Bloom, if you cast your memory back, was actually making a point about how current laws do not allow women equal opportunities, and how UKIP would change them to promote equal opportunities for all.

A UKIP voter said...

Much as i would LIKE to find a reason for me not to vote UKIP, i cant!, Kilroy's so-called "Racist" rant was taken wildly out of context, and if you could be bothered to read other issues of his column (which can be found on the Veritas website) you'll see he holds no anti-arab or anti-muslim views at all, well except for islamic fundamentalists, but then just about everyone would agree they are dangerous and out to destroy democracy (In fact, with slightly different wording a lot of thier views sound similar to the BNP). As for that fat bloke who made this apparently sexist rant (amazing what turning the microphone on and off at the right moment can do isnt it?), doesnt he support his former uni's womens rugby team?

Anonymous said...

I need the video of Killroy looking like a prat at the EU conference.

Anonymous said...

well ukip is the best party end of at least they have there own views and stick to them unlike torys and lib dem and i no alot of ukip people and they are not racist