Thursday, April 28

Carry on at Question Time

This week marked another embarrassement for UKIP, as again one of their members made a fool of themselves in front of the cameras.
A cross panel debate entitled "Queer Question Time," which took place in Birmingham was delayed by half an hour as UKIP Parliamentary candidate for Halesowen & Rowley-Regis, Nicole Sinclaire demanded a more prominent role in the debate.
Ms Sinclaire, political assistant to UKIP deputy leader Mike Nattrass, was not given a place on the main panel, which was reserved for the three main parties to discuss homosexual perspectives in the current election campaign.
Panel members including, ex international development secretary Clare Short repeatedly asked Ms Sinclaire to leave, when she started to raise her voice and disrupt proceedings. The organisers were left with no option but to call the police, who subsequently arrested her.
Ms Sinclaire later claimed that she was protesting against a lack of democracy, due to the fact that smaller parties were not invited to join the panel.
It seems hardly surprising that an invitation was not extended to UKIP, considering their position on homosexuality. In 2004, UKIP candidate for the London mayoral elections Frank Maloney, said that he would not be campaigning in Camden because there were "too many gays" there. UKIP also align themselves with the League of Polish Families party in the European Parliament. This is an extereme nationalist party that describes homosexuality as "a condition which is unacceptable."

Source: Birmingham Post, April 26th, BBC News, 29 April 2004


Bill said...

I have taken the liberty of reproducing your post in its entirety on my blog as I think it merits being read as widely as possible.

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Tom said...

This story strangely omits to mention that Nikki Sinclaire, the representative of the supposedly homophobic UKIP, is an 'out' lesbian. This was the source of her outrage about being excluded from a candidate panel on gay and lesbian issues. Your 'forgetting' to mention this makes a nonsense of the report.

After the organisers had Nikki Sinclaire arrested and removed, she was taken to a local police station. About 50 UKIP supporters protested outside until she was released without charge a few hours later.