Thursday, April 21

Hospitality Hiccups!

This week UKIP launched an attack on an array of EU Commissioners following alleged hospitality offered to them in the form of free holidays. The attacks centred on Commissioner for Trade, Peter Mandelson and the Commission President José Barroso.
UKIP leader Nigel Farage had posed 25 written questions to the Commission, questioning their hospitality arrangements but was given a rebuttal in one short answer as all Commissioners were found to have acted within their code of conduct.
It is true that UKIP, like all members of the European Parliament, have a duty to hold the Commission and other EU institutions to account. Nevertheless, it would appear that this self styled war on sleaze is somewhat ironic considering the voting patterns of UKIP members in last week's vote on financial discharge in Strasbourg. In this vote UKIP members Batten, Bloom, Farage, Nattrass and Wise abstained on a vote which called on the Commission to ensure that all its civil servants are aware of the means by which they can report any suspicions of wrong-doing or mismanagement and if necessary use 'whistleblower' procedures.
It would appear that such a voting pattern shows that perhaps either UKIP members have something to hide themselves, or they simply do not understand what they are voting on, or finally they are completely inconsistent in what they say.

Source: UKIP website

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