Friday, April 22

Indecisive Whittaker

UKIP Euro MP for the North West, John Whittaker, has announced that he is to stand as a candidate in no less than eight constituencies for the coming general election on May 5th. This is legal under UK electoral rules.
If elected in more than one seat Whittaker would have to choose one constituency to represent. However, if the current opinion polls hold true, it seems unlikely that this is a decision that Mr Whittaker is going to be faced with.
Whatever the outcome it looks like UKIP will be faced with rather a hefty bill for loss of electoral deposits-the amount charged to stand in an election. Even if Mr Whittaker is elected in one seat, the party may still have to pay for the other seven deposits. Nevertheless, this would only be small change, when compared to the 422 electoral deposits UKIP lost in the 2001 poll.

Source: The Times 21st April 2005

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