Friday, April 15

Optimism as UKIP manifesto is launched

UKIP today launched their manifesto for the upcoming general election and targeted 20 marginal seats it sees as possible victories. One of the main aims of the party will be to convince the electorate that it is more than a single issue party, by fighting the election under the slogan: we want our country back.
They reaffirmed their intent to pull Britain out of the European Union, which it says has imposed an 'alien system of government' on the country. UKIP also proposes to restrict immigration, cut council tax and increase Britain's dependency on nuclear power.
In his foreword to the party's manifesto, UKIP leader Roger Knapman says UKIP exists because 'none of the old political parties are prepared to accept that the real government of Britain is now in Brussels'.
UKIP had their best-ever election results in the 2004 European Parliamentary elections but since then have suffered following the high profile spat with MEP Robert Kilroy-Silk. He controversially left the party to set up rivals Veritas. Mr Knapman said UKIP would not suffer because of Mr Kilroy-Silk's departure. Nevertheless this has not stopped fellow UKIP member Godfrey Bloom from resorting to extreme measures. Bloom, of "women dont clean behind the fridge enough" fame, has placed his own fridge up for auction on ebay. It is hoped this publicity attempt will raise funds for the party. Unfortunately for UKIP the highest bid currently stands at £0.99.

Source: UKIP Manifesto, Financial Times

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