Friday, April 1

Red faces as UKIP apologise

UKIP today faced an embarassing climb down regarding accusations it made relating to Siim Kallas, the EU anti-fraud commissioner.
UKIP had claimed that Kallas had a criminal record for "providing false information," in a statement issued on November 19th 2004. This claim has now been apologetically withdrawn.
Mr Kallas was in fact never convicted of such a crime, after being acquitted in a case relating to an oil deal, which took place during his time as governor of the Central Bank of Estonia.
It appears that UKIP based its accusations on what it described as "an erroneous newspaper article."
This latest set back puts question marks over their credibility and is further evidence of their ignorant and ill informed attitude towards Europe.

Source: UKIP website


Anonymous said...

The UKIP website hyperlink leads nowhere.

Tom said...

I think that you will find that UKIP have revealed many scandals and EU lies and cover-ups that turned out to be 100% true, and therefore I think that you would be rather ungenerous not to allow one slip in an otherwise admirable record.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this would be more convincing if the link you provided more. Actually, this would be even more convincing than that if you produced some links proving what you said altogether...

Anonymous said...

sorry, i meant to say: "...if the link you provided actually worked..."