Wednesday, April 13

Waste of time and money

Members of the European Parliament meeting in Strasbourg for their regular plenary session, yesterday voted on reforms aimed at controlling their personal allowances and pensions. Many Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat MEPs voted for the reforms, including fines and suspension for gross financial irregularities of Members.
Kilroy Silk and Ashley Mote once again upheld their extraordinary record of abstaining. This time they abstained on some key votes including measures aimed at limiting travel costs afforded to MEPs and contributions to MEP pension funds being matched by public funds.
Another significant vote called for the European Parliament to have a single seat located in Brussels. However, the UKIP delegation along with Kilroy Silk and Mr Mote all voted in favour of an amendment which went against this proposal. This appears a rather strange tactic considering UKIP's main policy objective is to do away with EU bureaucracy and its alleged abuse of tax payer's money.

Source: EU Website

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