Thursday, April 7

Where does the money go? You tell us Godfrey!

Godfrey Bloom, the UKIP MEP for the Yorkshire region, recently pointed out an apparent "scandalous waste" of tax payer's money being spent on the European Parliament's Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee. Mr Bloom describes the committee's main role being simply to discuss "the size and shape of whiskey bottles."

This apparently useless committee has in recent weeks put forward successful legislation to stop unfair commercial practices ranging from rip-off prize draws to scam lotteries, practices which have been conning many vulnerable people out of their hard earned money.

Had Mr Bloom actually turned up to take note of the committee's work he would in fact realise that it does not just discuss whiskey bottles. Amongst other things, it is trying to abolish prescribed size and shapes of packaging on a whole range of products, by doing away with cumbersome standard measurements uniform throughout the EU.

On a more positive note, Mr Bloom claims that he donates his attendance expenses from this committee to local charities. It can only be assumed that such charities don't rely on Mr Bloom as their main donor judging by his dismal attendance record, which wouldn't buy them much more than.....a bottle of whiskey for a tombola perhaps?

Source: Godfrey Bloom website

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Anonymous said...

I logged onto this website to find something enlightening. Sadly I found heavily biased comment. I think the writer of this article ought to read Geoffrey Bloom's article again without blinkers.