Wednesday, May 4

Call on "part time patriots"

UKIP today made a last chance drive to persuade voters to their cause, in the face of abysmal poll showings. Party leader Roger Knapman said, " I would like to speak to the 17% who voted for us in June. Don't be part time patriots. This is the opportunity for you to back UKIP and get our country back."
The party is contesting 497 seats, but concentrating on 21 target seats mainly held by Labour and the Liberal Democrats.
UKIP believes the opinion polls have so far failed to show UKIP's popularity. Mr Knapman said he expected 'hundreds of thousands more votes' than those the party gained in the 2001 election, when they received 1.5% of the vote.
UKIP MEP Nigel Farage said "Whether we succeed or fail on Thursday, this party is not going away. " It seems that UKIP is in for a poor showing as the single issue which the party is about has so far failed to feature in the election campaign.

Source: The Telegraph, The Observer May 4th 2005

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