Wednesday, May 25

MEPs rip UKIP censure motion to pieces

This afternoon in the European Parliament MEPs gathered to debate the motion of censure against EU Commission President Jose Barroso, brought about by UKIP leader Nigel Farage.
Farage was amongst 77 members of the Parliament who signed a motion to censure Barosso for an alleged conflict of interests which they believe resulted in a company of Barroso's long time friend, Greek business tycoon, Spiros Latsis receiving state aid.
Barroso explained that their friendship stemmed back to when the pair attended university together, and the decision to award aid was taken by the previous Commission.
Leaders of the main political groups in the Parliament, which account for nearly 600 of the 732 MEPs, lined up one after another to condemn the actions of Farage as an opportunistic publicity stunt designed to influence the up coming referendums on the EU constitution.
There was an unprecedented display of solidarity in the chamber as members made clear that Farage's motion was an ineffective use of Parliament's time.
Although it is a democratic right for Members to hold the Commission to account by using the censure motion, many believe that this was a frivolous use of the instrument.
The motion to censure will be voted on during the next plenary session in Strasbourg in the first week of June. It is a dead certainty to fall.

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