Wednesday, May 11

Once more UKIP fail to condemn terrorism

The sisters of murdered Belfast man Robert McCartney were in Strasbourg yesterday to seek the backing of MEPs in their quest to bring the murderers of their brother to justice.
The sisters were seeking financial assistance from the EU's anti terrorism fund to help them launch their own civil action should the Police Service of Northern Ireland investigations prove unsuccessful.
In an unprecedented move MEPs voted by 555 in favour and four against a resolution which called on the "self styled Irish Republican Army " to cease its campaign of brutality which lead to McCartneys murder outside a Belfast pub on January 30th.
Despite the overwhelming support for this resolution's good cause UKIP joined the ranks of Sinn Fein, and chose to abstain. This would seem further evidence that UKIP refuse to condemn terrorism in any shape or form. In January 2004 when several MEP's received letter bombs UKIP issued a press release which said that they could "understand the reasons behind the attacks."
UKIP MEP Michael Natrass has also said that Britain would have to fight its way out of the European Union in a similar way to the Chechan separatists who stormed a school in Beslan last year, murdering 330 children.

Sources: Europarl website, The Irish Times, May 11th 2005, UKIP statement, Jan 9th 2004, The Times 25 September 2004

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