Tuesday, May 17

UKIP demand Barroso explanation

UKIP leader in the European Parliament, Nigel Farage, has handed over a motion to censure European Commission president, Jose ManuelBarroso. This follows stories in recent weeks that Barroso abused his position through a conflict of interests.
The motion came about followingBarroso's alleged under hand holiday on board the yacht of Greek billionaire,Spiros Latsis. UKIP alleges that one of Latsis' companies later received a €10 million regional aid grant from the Commission, as a result of this personal relationship.
Consequently Farage delivered 77 signatures to the Secretary General of Parliament, Julian Priestly. The signatuaries were all supporting a call for the Commission President to explain the situation.
However, leaders of the main political groups in the Parliament dismissedFarage's actions as a publicity stunt, by issuing a joint statement, which read: "As chairs of our political groups, which account for 597 of the732 members of the European Parliament, we express our opposition to the motion of censure."
"We consider this initiative to be unjustified and disproportionate and principally designed to seek publicity for its authors."
The debate on the censure motion will take place later this month in Brussels.

Source: UKIP Agence FrancePresse, May 13th 2005


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