Thursday, May 26

UKIP liason proves costly for Helmer

Five conservative Euro MPs are today facing the consequences of associating themselves with the UKIP backed initiative, to censure EU Commission president Jose Barroso.
As reported last week, Tory MEPs Roger Helmer, Christopher Heaton-Harris, David Sumberg, Daniel Hannan, and Martin Callanan were warned to remove their names from Nigel Farage's censure motion, by Tory Leader in Europe Timothy Kirkhope.
The five yesterday failed to head the warning and have now been threatened with expulsion from the European People's Party (EPP), the parliament's majority centre-Right group with which the conservatives sit.
Roger Helmer, Conservative MEP for the east midlands, who has associated himself with UKIP on various occasions was stripped of his British Tory whip and looks likely to be suspended from the EPP indefinately, pending a group vote on his party membership next week.

Source: The Telegraph 26th May 2005


Tom Hughes said...

So one Tory is prepared to stand up for his country while his party show their utter contempt for Britain's sovereignty and for democracy and fairness inside the European Parliament.

Congratulations to Helmer, a true patriot. He's better off out of the terrible Tory's.

Anonymous said...

This just shows that ukip is doing something right which would not surpirse me because they always do everything right and in my view are the only party with different views in the uk all the rest have just became the same so no surprise they are helping ukip and talking with theem in fact iam rather surprised they have not joined them!.