Friday, May 20

UKIP should welcome the YES campaign!

This week saw the launch of the NO campaign against the proposed European Constitution, in which UKIP are playing a central role.
UKIP claim that the ratification of the draft constitution would mean an end to British independence, democracy and liberty. They claim the only way to avoid this is an unconditional withdrawal from the European Union and the establishment of a free trade area.
It would appear pointless that UKIP are devoting so much of their energy towards the NO campaign. Perhaps they have failed to realise that the draft constitution actually contains an article which introduces the option for a member state to withdraw from the EU. Surely this should mean that those people adamant on Britain's EU withdrawal should be campaigning for a YES vote whatever the case?

Source: UKIP

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Anonymous said...

they should not vote yes because the Eu is failing it is not for the uk and every one hates us there anyway so why should we be there is a waste of our tax payers money and we know this because i asked my mate who his MEP was and he did not know so why pay some one when we already have mps and a uk system which works fine