Friday, May 6

UKIP takes a hammering

UKIP is this morning coming to terms with a hammering at the polls. The party failed to secure any seats in the general election, which saw Tony Blair returned to power for an historic third term.
Nation wide UKIP polled 611,423 votes, a 2.35% share overall. This was well down on the share of the vote they received in the 2004 European elections and far off the mark of 21 seats they had been hoping for.
UKIP leader in the European Parliament, Nigel Farage, polled only 2,079 votes in the Thanet South constituency which he was contesting, coming fourth. This was a seat won by Labour´s Stephen Ladyman. Michael Howard´s UKIP challenger in Folkestone, chairwoman Petrina Holdsworth, could only manage fifth, polling 619 votes.

Source: BBC News website

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