Monday, June 20

Batten it!

UKIP MEP Gerard Batten recently waded in to the debate on the future of the EU, in the typical misinformed, opportunistic manner we have come to expect from UKIP.
In a recent letter to fellow MEPs Batten sighted an alleged influx of "imported cheap labour" from new Member States as a threat to the British economy and a reason why voters in France and the Netherlands voted "no" to the constitution.
This protectionist attitude which he and UKIP are trying to invoke achieves little more than arouse xenophobia and bring nothing to the European debate.
EU enlargement to the east has simply expanded the market place in which British firms and workers can sell and offer their labour- a fundamental reason why the UK has one of the most successful economies in the world.
Claims that Britain is being faced with an influx of cheap foreign workers are completely untrue. European social and labour law are harmonized to ensure that the same minimum standards are present throughout the 25 EU Member States, preventing "cheap labour" from swamping Britain. Moreover, the EU creates a level playing field with increased opportunity for workers to be successful.

It is ironic that the man who helped Batten win his seat in the European Parliamentary elections in 2004, UKIP campaign strategist Dick Morriss, recently played a major role in the Romanian presidential election battle. The main policy which his campaign promoted was to push for Romanian accession to the EU.

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Anonymous said...

Mr Batten is correct.I listened to a programme on the radio recently from Great Yarmouth where unemployed Portugese fruit pickers told of being forced out of work by cheaper East EU workers.Also in the City of London the easterners are undercutting the UK workforce.
Open your eyes and ears and you might learn that which we already know.

Anonymous said...

Does Corbett and co truly believe the crap they post here?

Anyone with a foot in reality will see how full of it these EU gravy train riding muppets are!

What a joke this site is.